Keith Olbermann Slams The Miami Dolphins For The Richie Incognito Bullying Fiasco

Keith Olbermann did a segment this week focusing on
the Miami Dolphins bullying fiasco.

Late Monday night the team suspended guard Richie Incognito amid widespread reports that he allegedly bullied teammate Jonathan Martin.

Most people have directed the bulk of their criticism at Incognito after his racial slur-filled texts and voicemails to Martin surfaced. But Olbermann points the finger at the Miami Dolphins too for initially pleading ignorance about the whole situation.

Here’s Olbermann talking about the severity of the fiasco:

”Some other things are being largely overlooked tonight. With the wanton use of the racial epithets, this is potentially a hate crime. With the financial component, this is financially extortion. ESPN reported yesterday that Incognito intimidated Martin to putting up $US15,000 for a trip to Las Vegas for Miami’s offensive lineman even though he didn’t want to go and did not go.”

And here he is talking about the team’s culpability:

“The Dolphins may be in it nearly as deep. The team went from denying it was aware of any bullying to asking the NFL to investigate to summarily suspending the star of it’s o-line all in one day. What did the Dolphins know and when did they know it? We continue to get hints from experts inside and outside the game that we have only seen the tip of this in terms of degree and perhaps in terms of number of suspects.”

The full video:

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