Keith Olbermann Has Suspended His Twitter Account Over Julian Assange Rape Charges

Olbermann goes off...again.

Keith Olbermann has suspended his Twitter account.

Some background.  During his interview with Michael Moore the other night Moore referred to the rape charges against Assange as “hooey.”  Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher points out Moore was “clearly referring to Assange’s arrest, not the allegations themselves.” 

Nevertheless, the site launched a campaign calling for Moore to explain himself and apologise and was subsequently blocked on Twitter by Olbermann.  The site also called Olbermann to task for re-Tweeting out a link to an article that contained the names of the women accusing Assange of rape.

Still with me?

Subsequently, Olbermann got into a Twitter firestorm with a number of people last night, which I will not bore you with but suffice to say Olbermann was fairly defiant.  And then this afternoon he suspended his Twitter account (and removed his profile pic!). 

olbermann twitter


Presumably we will be hearing more about this from Olbmermann on his show tonight.   And well we should!  The subject of how Assange’s rape charges are being addressed in court vs. how rape charges against people not leaking embarrassing documents about the U.S. government are addressed should be a subject of discussion and extreme concern for everyone.   Meanwhile, we are left with Olbermann sulking.

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