On First Night Out Keith Olbermann Drew More Viewers Than CNN*


This had to make Keith Olbermann happy.

His new TV show (with the old name) clocked more viewers in the demo in its premiere Monday night than Eliot Spitzer‘s In the Arena.  Though it should be noted Spitzer is on vacation this week.

And while every new TV show swears — as Olby did during a conference call on Friday — that early ratings don’t matter, of course they do.

It’s an extra impressive feat considering how fewer stations Current is available on compared to CNN.

According to Current TV Countdown had 179,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo compared to In the Arena’s (strikingly low) 89,000 (again: Spitzer is on vavay, but even still Countdown’s numbers Monday would have topped what In the Arena was bringing in earlier this month). 

Current didn’t release total viewer numbers, though generally speaking TV people are only interested in advertising-friendly demo numbers.

Whether Olbermann can continue to pull in those numbers — some of which must be attributed to first show curiosity — will of course be the challenge. 

Meanwhile, a Current spokesman says they are “very pleased.”

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