Responding To Fan Complaints Keith Olbermann Agrees To Stop Overlapping With Rachel Maddow

maddow olbermann

Keith Olbermann just announced on his Twitter feed that he will keep his new Current show to 60 minutes.

Since debuting on Monday Olbermann has been flexing his newfound Current muscles (and/or inadvertently demonstrating Current’s lack of line-up) by allowing his show to bleed in to the 9pm hour.

More than a few people interpreted this as a passive aggressive way to keep fans from flicking over to Rachel Maddow‘s 9pm MSNBC show.

No more.  From Olby’s Twitter.

At @current we’ll soon have a 9 PM companion commentary show to mine. But in the interim there is no reason for me to be overlapping…

…with my friend Rachel, nor to ignore the wishes of those who’ve been so loyal to both of us for so long. We’ve heard you: as of

…tomorrow night Countdown finishes at 9. Bonus stuff will instead go to Countdown Online. Thanks for upsiding my head on this :)

Olbermann revealed a few weeks ago that he hadn’t seen Maddow, whom he heavily promoted at MSNBC, since leaving the network.

In other news, Current tells us they not releasing daily metrics, but “everyone at Current is extremely happy with a strong second night for “Countdown.”‘  This is a change from Monday when Current released Olbermanns premiere night numbers, which were reasonably strong and topped CNN in the demo.

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