Two Of The Most Notorious Financial Twitter Folks Got Into A Huge Online Fight

Two of Twitter’s most notorious characters, Keith McCullough, the CEO of Hedgeye, and anonymous financial blogger ZeroHedge got in an epic spat on Twitter last night and it’s still continuing this morning.

ZeroHedge is famous for his relentless gloom and mockery of the financial and political system.

McCullough is known for trumpeting his endless #timestamps, and for attacking the traditional Wall street system.

ZeroHedge started the fight when he called out McCullough on his 26-year-old energy analyst Kevin Kaiser’s bearish call last week on Kinder Morgan. A lot of people on Wall Street have been criticising that call that knocked $US4 billion off the company’s market cap.

McCullough defended his analyst by pointing out that they were right on Linn Energy ($LINE). ZeroHedge snapped back by hinting that they got the idea from The Value Investors Club, a website where people post different investment picks.

Then McCullough whipped out his classic “timestamp” phrase on ZeroHedge telling him to timestamp his trade ideas. ZeroHedge used that opportunity to make a swipe at Hedgeye’s business model saying that they are “based on daytrading hedge fund hotel ideas without capital at risk.” (Burn!)

The fight continues to get nasty. You can see all of the Tweets below:

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