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Business Insider is known for giving you all the news you need – when and how you want it.

Now, with the launch of our new Chrome browser extension, every time you open a new Chrome tab, you can get up-to-the-minute Business Insider updates. Ask yourself, why stick with the boring standard Chrome tab page when you can now have the latest Business Insider updates? Furthermore, you get a free 14-day guest pass to Business Insider Prime, a selection of the most exclusive stories from our newsroom, when you download the extension.

The Chrome extension – which is secure and as simple to remove as it is to install – was created in partnership with Buzz Technologies.

What you get:

The best of Business Insider and a 14-day guest pass to BI Prime

Everytime you open a new tab, you immediately get an overview of the latest stories from Business Insider. Easily click through to any story that catches your eye. Plus: You can claim your 14-day guest pass to BI Prime when you sign-up via the extension.

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How to install:

Installation takes just one click. If, like 42% of all visitors to Business Insider, you read the site using Chrome then simply download the extension here and get up-to-date news every time you open a new tab. Get it now.

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