Keep People From Swiping To Other Photos With This IPhone Trick

People can be nosy, especially when it comes to photos on your phone.

When handed a phone to check out a photo, there’s always someone who takes a quick look and then begins enthusiastically swiping through you library, oblivious to the idea that not all photos are meant to be public.

Luckily, writer Christopher Phin has discovered a trick for presenting photos on your iPhone while preventing people from nosily swiping away.

Here’s how it works.

First, head over to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap Guided Access. After toggling Guided Access on, you’ll need tap Passcode Settings and either create a passcode or enable Touch ID, whichever you’d like.

Next, head on over to your Photos app.

Triple click the home button on your iPhone to enable Guided Access. At this point, you’ll see it’s still possible to swipe left or right, and that’s because Guided Access still recognises touch input.

To turn off touch input in Photos, triple click the Home button again. After being prompted to enter your passcode or scan your fingerprint, you’ll notice an option button appear at the lower left-hand corner of your screen.

Tap Options and then toggle off Touch.

Just tap Done and then Resume and you’re all set!

You’ll find that when you enable Guided Access in your Photos app (by triple clicking the Home button), no one will be able to swipe through any of your photos.

To disable Guided Access and restore touchscreen capabilities, simply triple click the Home button, enter your passcode or Touch ID, and then tap End.

If you’d like to see this in action, you can watch Christopher Phin’s video tutorial below.

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