Keanu Reeves shows off his awe-inspiring action-movie shooting skills in this video

With a filmography that includes “Point Break,” “The Matrix” movies, and now the cult hit “John Wick,” we had a sense that Keanu Reeves knows how to handle a firearm.

But this video of the actor at a firing range proves that Reeves really is the Chosen One.

The video was shared by gun store¬†Taran Tactical Innovations, and likely has something to do with Reeves’ preparation for the sequel to the beloved “John Wick.” You can see Keanu in action with his steel when “John Wick 2” comes out next year.

Watch Keanu show off his skills below:

Taran training with ‘The One’.
Taran training with ‘ The One ‘.
Posted by Taran Tactical Innovations on Thursday, March 3, 2016

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