A video of Keanu Reeves giving up his seat to another passenger on the crowded NYC subway 5 years ago confirms his goodness

Keanu Reeves made the New York City subway a less stressful experience for one lucky passenger four years ago, and it was one of the first times the world realised he’s a good person.

Earlier this week, people were sharing stories of his goodness after they learned that he once bought an ice cream just to he could autograph the receipt for a young fan.

That reminded us of the time the “John Wick” star made headlines in 2015 when he was filmed graciously giving up his subway seat to a fellow passenger with a heavy bag.

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Keanu Reeves took a road trip with a bunch of stranded passengers after their flight had to make an emergency landing.

A train announcement heard in the video suggests that the star was on a Brooklyn-bound Q express train when he performed that chivalrous act.

Watch the video below.


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