Student Was Suspended After Putting Principal's Mugshot On Instagram

Keandre VarnerKeandre Varner displays the principal’s mug shot.

A Georgia teen has been suspended for putting his principal’s mug shot on Instagram and telling his followers he thought she was busted for a DUI, reports.

Riverdale High School senior Keandre Varner got called to the principal’s office after she found out he’d posted the mug shot to the photo sharing site.

“I didn’t like, really didn’t intend to defame her character,” said Varner, who works part-time at a local Waffle House, according to his Facebook page.

The principal, Jamille Miller Brown, was partly upset because he said the arrest was for a DUI when it was actually for a missed court date for a speeding ticket.

Miller Brown initially tried to have Varner arrested for his mistake, Varner says.

An officer refused to take the senior into custody, so the school suspended him for four days right before finals, Varner says.

The school says it punished Varner for disrupting the school and being “belligerent” when Miller Brown confronted him, according to wsbtv.

Other parents told the TV station that the school has threatened to suspend their kids just for having Miller Brown’s mug shot on their phones, though.

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