Video Footage Captures The Moment A Russian Commercial Flight Crashed Into The Ground And Exploded

On Sunday, a Boeing 737 belonging to Tatarstan Airlines crashed at Kazan airport, 450 miles east of Moscow. All 50 people on board died.

Exactly what caused the crash is unknown. The Associated Press cited reports that said the plane appeared to lose altitude as it was making a second landing attempt, crashing and catching fire.

This morning, Russian news site LifeNews.Ru released security camera footage from the airport that appears to show the crash.

As you can see in the slow motion video, the plane appears to come in to land at an almost perpendicular angle, before exploding immediately after hitting the ground.

According to Bloomberg News, the 737 was 23 years old. Additionally, in 2001 it was involved in another landing incident which saw one set of its wheels ripped off.

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