Kayak Updates Its IPO Filing, Takes A $15 Million Charge To Kill Sidestep.com


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Kayak has filed an updated S1 to go public.In the new filing it reveals that it’s going to take a $15 million impairment charge to kill of the SideStep.com website. All the traffic from that site will be routed to Kayak.com.

Kayak’s revenues for the first six months of the year were $109.4 million, a 36% jump from the year prior.

It had a $6.3 million loss from operations. In the year prior it earned $6.3 million. The charge for SideStep is to blame for the discrepancy, says Kayak.

If you factor that out, Kayak had a $8.3 million profit from operations, which is up 38% from the year prior.

EBITDA was up 52% on a year over year basis to $52 million.