This artist paints on her body to transform herself into trippy 2D comic superheroes

Armed with an array of body paint and brushes, Kay Pike can transform into any superhero or villain.

The Canadian cosplayer paints on her own body to make herself look like 2D characters from TV and comics, including Marvel’s Spider-Man and Cheetara from ThunderCats.

Pike walked Tech Insider through her truly trippy work. Take a look below.

Pike has been a skilled painter since she was young, but she started cosplay body-painting (or “cospainting” as she calls it) in December. She sharpened her craft with the help of fellow cospainter Lianne Moseley.

Kay Pike and Lianne Moseley.

She now live-streams her process twice per week on Twitch. More than 15,200 people viewed her latest livestream of She-Hulk.

Pike uses a water-based face paint and a special makeup to help it stick. She says she needs 10 to 15 bottles of paint to create just one character, which runs between $80 to $150.

Pike owns 10 brushes, which she uses create characters like ThunderCats’ Cheetara. Ideally, she’d like to own 30.

Before she starts, she finds head shots with different angles of the character online.

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Captian Marvel Bodypaint! Why Carol? she looks like my friend De <3 <3  From my Twitch Stream last nigt :3 Friendship is magic guys. Im a little overly critical of this one, I rushed the bust down, because 10pm ha. Im tyring to practice a spandex glow without being symetrical….. But thats okay were our own worst critics. Had fun as usual. Thanks again for everyone who kept me from quitting when the paint was flaking, and not going on opaique. I was table flipping and you took me back down to bob ross mode :) You guys are awesome. I learned alot as usual. Including how to get my hair on top of my head. Holy jeebus super major props to all hairstylists out there. Like people take three foot long hair and do this on a daily basis. Toats willing to work with any hairstylists in YYC that want to save me 2 hours of my life for promotion. #carol #marvel #cartoon #comic #twitchcreative #twitch #stream #livestream #bodypainting #effort #makeup #excitement #video #chat #streaming #nervous #entertaining #tips #conversation #allday #friendship @twitch @marvel #captianmarvel #pvc #spandex #costume #yyc #hair #fauxhawk

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For Golden Frieza, she needed to hide her nose, eyes, and chest to create the illusion. It look her two hours to sketch the outline of Frieza on her face, and another week to build the tiny ear cups.

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This isn't even my final form . Here is Golden Frieza streamed last night from ; This paint was so incredibly technically difficult. I wanted somthing hard to do …. and I picked the most beastly…. hide nose AND eyes AND breasts illusion plus making prosthetics, plus bald cap MONSTER I could manage. Why? I want to get better at this! Also I love Dragonball and Frieza especially. As soon as I saw Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F I got so excited to see a better prettier frieza. Its one of those characters that I have always wanted to cosplay as, but I never made the time or had money to do so. I want to thank all the twitch people that came to cheer me on and keep me going, this paint got really really into my head I just wanted so badly for it to turn out. Most of all I Would like to thank @jloucherry @NigzBlackman and De Rex For coming over to hang out yesterday while I was streaming. You guys are awesome #twitchcreative #twitch #stream #livestream #video #allday #endurance #achievement  #streaming #bodypainting  #facepaint  #paint #art #artist #chat  #cosplay #cospaint #cosplayer #friendship #bodypaint #makeup  #yyc @twitch #dragonball #gold #purple #dragonballsuper #dbs @dragonball.official @dbz.official @dragonballinsider @/_dragon_ball_fans_ @badasscosplay @teamfourstar @dragon_ball.z.super

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Most of the characters take three to four hours to complete.

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Spiderman Paint streamed last night from ! Peter Parker what a goof. Sorry about going down for a few hours yesterday there! We are pioneers on the internet, the staff got it all sorted out and there are many mutual loves ^ ^ In fact, shoutout: MonkeyOnStrike had the idea to poll which bodypaint I should do this week! Going shopping tomorrow so get your votes in! I tried some new kinds of paint and am experimenting with three different brands right now. The learning curve is wicked steep with this game. OH actually got the bald cap on properly this time, AND had way more success in the androgyny department. #spiderman #amazingspiderman #peterparker #dailybugle @marvel #twitchcreative @twitch  #video #chat #makeup #bodypaint #bodyart @mehronmakeup @marvel.arts @marvel_pics @marvel_entertainment #marvel #marvelcomics #yyc @monkeyonstrike

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But Pike will often make a whole day out of it and invite her friends to chat or paint beside her.

All of the comic characters come to life.

Photo: Kay Pike/Edited by Leanna Garfield

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