Deutsche Bank Traders Ask, Who Is Kay Haigh?

Shadow Silhouette

Last week, there was news that Kay Haigh was leaving Deutsche Bank to start a hedge fund.

The article reporting the news stated: Haigh “was instrumental in building [Deutsche’s] emerging markets trading business” and has been with the bank for 17 years.

That may be true, but a member of Deutsche Bank’s emerging markets team in New York tells us that everyone on the desk read the article, and then immediately asked, “who?”

“At first we though, whoa, this guy must really be someone,” he tells us.

But then –

An internal search showed that Haigh is a “flow credit trader.” 

Flow traders take orders for clients and process trades for them.

“I was laughing because he has no business starting a hedge fund.”

A few things to consider here: 

  • Apparently 7 traders went with him to start Avantium Investment Management
  • He might be the same Kay Haigh who sold his Central Park West apartment for $9.5 million last year
  • Haigh’s name is still in Deutsche bank’s system
  • Haigh might be starting a fund of funds, which is sometimes called a hedge fund in the press
  • (In other words, something might be up, but it’s hard to tell what)

An attempt to contact Haigh was fruitless. If you have anything to add, please email.