Katy Perry Just Donated $5,000 To Help Fund TLC's Final Album On Kickstarter

Katy PerryBrendon Thorne/Getty ImagesKaty Perry is a serious TLC fan.

Katy Perry has donated $US5,000 to go towards 90s R&B group TLC, which is raising money on Kickstarter to fund its next and final album, TMZ reports.

Perry’s donation is part of the $US107,000 (and counting) that’s been raised for the group’s final Kickstarter, which TLC chose to crowdfund to retain creative control over its album.

“While major labels offer artists multimillion dollar recording and marketing budgets, they don’t often give artists complete control of their own music. It is ESSENTIAL that we create our final album completely on our own terms, without any restrictions, with YOU,” the group says on Kickstarter.

For her $US5,000 donation, Perry is eligible for a bunch of perks from TLC, including a slumber party with either TLC members Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins or Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas.

TLC has set its fundraising goal at $US150,000 by February 15. Considering the campaign was launched on Sunday, it’s looking like TLC will at least reach its goal before its deadline.

According to the group’s Kickstarter project, all the money raised will go toward funding the production and release of the new album. “The initial goal of $US150,000 will go towards a writing session in the studio with a producer and engineer. The money beyond that will go to booking music producers, writing sessions, mixing sessions, recording sessions, and SO much more,” according to TLC’s Kickstarter page.

TLC says this is the final album it will release. The last TLC album, 3D, was released in 2002. It will also be the first TLC album featuring only members Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, the group’s third member, died in a car crash in Honduras in 2002 while filming a documentary.

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