Katy Perry outbid a fan to win a date with her own boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, and people can't decide how they feel about it

GettyOrlando Bloom and Katy Perry.
  • Katy Perry offered a date with her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, at a charity auction.
  • The event was raising money for those affected by the Woolsey Fire.
  • One fan bid $US20,000, but Perry outbid her at the last minute, offering $US50,000.
  • The move has been largely criticised by fans.

Katy Perry’s relationship with Orlando Bloom has had its very public ups and downs, but the singer just made a grand gesture of her feelings towards him.

Perry auctioned off a date with her actor boyfriend at a charity event, only to swoop in at the last moment of bidding, beating the top fan’s offer by $US30,000.

The pop star, 34, was performing at One Love Malibu, a fundraiser held at King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas, California, for those affected by the Woolsey Fire.

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She offered a date with Bloom, 41, which would include a motorcycle ride and lunch.

“You’re holding him in a way that I am not excited about,”she said when encouraging fans to bid for the prize. “You’re holding his pecs and his six-pack – and it’s so glorious. … You get to hold on to Orlando for about 45 minutes … and then, you get to stare into his brown eyes!”

The bidding reached $US20,000 thanks to one excited fan named Laura, but Perry wasn’t having it.

“Laura, I’m sorry. I’m buying it for $US50,000,” she said, before dropping the microphone and walking off stage.

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Perry’s move has divided fans – while some have praised her for donating so much money, others have accused her of being overly protective of Bloom and ruining an exciting experience for a fan.

“What Katy Perry did wasn’t cool and her insecurity regarding her relationship with Orlando Bloom is showing,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“It really isn’t cool, that was probably the fans [sic] dream,” another agreed.

One person described the move as a “whole new level of ‘stay away from my man.'”

However, others highlighted that Perry did at least contribute significantly to the fundraising effort.

“Since it goes to charity I guess it’s a win,” one person wrote.


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