Katy Perry dressed as a literal chandelier for the Met Gala and had working bulbs attached to her body

Katy Perry literally lit up the 2019 Met Gala red carpet dressed as an actual chandelier Monday night. The stars pulled out all the stops for the Camp-themed affair this year: Lady Gaga did four different outfit changes at once, Billy Porter arrived on the backs of shirtless hunks, and Perry channeled a lighting fixture.

Perry always goes all out with the Met Gala theme each year and this year she paired up with longtime collaborator and Moschino designer Jeremy Scott (who also dressed Kacey Musgraves as Barbie for the gala) in one of the most delightful looks of the evening.

Perry’s diamond-encrusted light-fixture dress consisted of a chandelier headpiece and bodice, but the most impressive aspect was the outfit’s working light bulbs. People reported that Perry told reporters on the carpet that the candelabra was powered with “her heart.”

Perry has always been a larger-than-life performer and tends to be drawn towards camp anyway, so designer Scott didn’t think twice about teaming up with the singer for their second Met Gala once the theme was announced.

“There probably isn’t a performer in pop history that’s used camp and humour more than she has,” Scott told Page Six about Perry. “I have guesses at what people expect from us, but I’m trying to outdo those expectations.”

Perry shared a close-up photo of her bejeweled shoes on Twitter ahead of the event, but also shared a peek at a pair of some hamburger-inspired sneakers and a clutch. We’re curious if she has a second food-inspired outfit prepared for dinner, as we can’t imagine her being able to sit down in her chandelier costume.

The red carpet look was, of course, ripe for memes



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