People think Katy Perry looked like a dessert at the Grammys, and the pop star showed she can laugh at herself

  • Katy Perry attended the 2019 Grammys on Sunday and wore a pink Balmain dress.
  • Her outfit led to plenty of memes, with people comparing the creation to cupcakes, ice cream, cotton candy, and doll cakes.
  • People also thought the singer’s look resembled household items, like feather dusters, vases, and loofahs.
  • Perry joked about the memes by re-sharing them on her Instagram.

Katy Perry’s fluffy pink Balmain dress at the 2019 Grammys sparked tons of memes, and the singer is laughing about all the comparisons.

Perry was in attendance at the award show on Sunday at Los Angeles’ Staples Center and turned heads with her strapless outfit, which was fitted at the top and flared out past the waist. After fans saw the dress, they took to Twitter to react to the look.

Many agreed that the gown resembled a cupcake, based on its shape. Others compared Perry’s dress to sweet treats like ice cream, cotton candy, and Hostess Snow Ball cakes.

An overwhelming amount of people compared Perry’s look to doll cakes.

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Additional fans thought her pink gown bore a close resemblance to a vase, cupcake liners, crepe paper decorations, a lamp, a loofah, and a tumbler.^tfw

Perry took notice of the plethora of memes and shared a few on her Instagram and Instagram story, including one that photoshopped her body onto a paint roller.

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