BIZARRE PHOTOS: Katy Perry Hanging Out With Facebook Employees

Mark Zuckerberg Katy Perry Jim Breyer

Photo: Facebook

Pop star Katy Perry swung through Facebook’s headquarters for a visit.What did she do there? Pose with employees (repeatedly), eat at the cafeteria, and not much else as far as we can tell.

But it looked fun for the employees!

We picked through a big batch of photos from her visit that were posted on Facebook.

One thing that stands out: Perry’s decision to wear big heels made her tower above Facebook’s employees.

Or, alternatively, the people at Facebook are just short.

Katy steps up to Facebook's photo setup ...

And there's a line of people waiting to get their photo with Ms. Perry

First up, Randi Zuckerberg. It pays to be the boss's sister.

Just another day at the office, getting a photo with Katy Perry.

We don't know why there are giant chess pieces in the foreground. Any guesses?

Psst ... Katy ... check out the secret Facebook phone we're about to release. DO NOT TELL STEVE JOBS!

Take a note of the footwear in this photo. This woman has tall shoes on, so she doesn't look tiny next to Perry.

This woman is not so lucky, and she's not alone. Perry towers over many Facebook employees thanks to her heels.

Cool to get a kiss, but it looks condescending because she has to bend down to reach him.

More tiny people at Facebook ...

Getting better ...

Almost there ...

There we go! Parity! These guys are equal height.

Facebook gives back! A nifty t-shirt for Katy.

Cute touch here, leg lifting.

Oh no ... ALL THOSE PEOPLE want to have a photo taken with me?

Katy tried to duck out to catch a break, but the kitchen staff found her and insisted on a quick pic.

Finally! She gets to take a seat.

Amazingly, Katy Perry Meets US Senator Mark Warner at Facebook's headquarters.

Super classic photo.

Zuckerberg takes her on a tour of the premises ...


You think people are taking photos of Perry or Zuckerberg?


We have no clue what she's doing here ... hiding from the cameras?

All that photo taking works up an appetite.

For f*@ks sake! Can a woman eat?

One last photo, this time with early Facebook investor Jim Breyer of Accel

We're done? Hooray!

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