One Of Katy Perry's dancing sharks reveals his identity during a Reddit AMA

Katy Perry owned the Super Bowl with an elaborate halftime show complete with a giant mechanical animal and fireworks; however, it was two of Perry’s backup dancers dressed in shark costumes who stole the spotlight.

Twitter and Reddit soon after went on a mission to find out the identity of the dancing sharks, and successfully succeeded in finding one of them.

While everyone wants to know the identity of the much-talked about left shark, we now know the shark on the right is one of Perry’s longtime backup dancers, Scott Myrick.


A photo posted by Scott Myrick (@scott_myrick) on

Here’s Myrick enjoying some time on the water when he’s not dressed as a shark.

A photo posted by Scott Myrick (@scott_myrick) on

Myrick took to Twitter and Instagram soon after the halftime show was over to tell friends and fans that he was indeed the shark busting out the moves seen on stage.