Katy Perry is expected to buy a Catholic convent against nuns’ wishes for $14.5 million

Katy perry

It looks like Katy Perry is finally free to buy a Catholic convent in California.

Los Angeles’ Catholic archbishop had hoped to sell the multimillion-dollar property to the pop star, but nuns objected, leading to a legal dispute.

But Perry’s attorney said the judge in the case has indicated that she’ll side with the archbishop, BuzzFeed reports.

“Subject to our receiving the written order, we are very pleased with the judge’s description of her ruling this morning, which indicates that we won the real property issues, clearing the way for our client to buy the property at issue,” the attorney, Eric Rowen, told BuzzFeed News.

Nuns had wanted to sell the convent to a local businesswoman for a hotel and restaurant project for $15.5 million, arguing the property had been bequeathed to them. But the archbishop said only the Church had the right to sell, and a judge voided the sale.

The Church plans to sell the eight-acre property to Perry for 14.5 million.

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