The Olympics just added another event for Katie Ledecky to dominate

Katie Ledecky didn’t have any trouble dominating women’s swimming in Rio 2016, winning four golds and a silver medal.

She may get to add to her medal count in Tokyo 2020, thanks to a new addition to the games.

The IOC announced the finalising of the Tokyo 2020 event programming, which includes several new events, including women’s 1500-meter freestyle, an event men have swam but not women in the games.

It’s good news for Ledecky, who has held the world record in the event for over three years.

In 2013, Ledecky smashed the world record, swimming the 1500-meter in 15:36.53, six seconds faster than the previous record. She’s held it since. Of course, the exclusion of the event in the Olympics meant one less race for Ledecky to dominate in Rio.

Prior to the Rio Olympics, Ledecky wasn’t sweating it, saying “It’s not something where I’m disappointed. Tell me what events are there, and I’ll work toward those events. This year, the 800 is the longest thing I have to work toward.”

Italian swim coach Stefano Morini, however, was disappointed, saying the exclusion of the event was a loss for fans (via NBC Olympics): “They will miss a great performance, almost surely another world record, and probably a swim that would have put her even closer to the times of the elite men.”

Ledecky crushed records in her freshman year at Stanford, and barring some shocking change, will have a chance to add to her already decorated career in Tokyo.

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