VIDEO: Animated Katie Couric And Matt Lauer Enjoy Romantic Candlelight Dinner While Jeff Zucker Plays Waiter

lauer couric

You want Katie Couric and Matt Lauer acting strange?

We will give you the once (and future?) co-hosts acting strange.

Or rather, Next Media Animation will do so.

See Couric not allowed into the 60 Minutes‘ Boys Club. See the host get angry. See her and Lauer at dinner together. See Jeff Zucker wait on them with a wine opener/television remote control. See the former NBC executive conjure up a set for Katie & Matt in the Morning. See the Peacock throw money at Lauer, who is chained to a 2012 ball. See Ann Curry replace Meredith Vieira on Today. See an awkward 90s dance party.

And scene.

Video below.