Katie Couric rumoured To Be Signing $20 Million Deal With ABC

katie couric

This would certainly sweeten her long departure from CBS News.

TMZ is reporting that Katie Couric is close to signing a $20 million deal with ABC.  The deal would possibly come at (gasp!) the expense of long-running soap General Hospital.

People reports that Couric’s camp is denying anything has been signed: “There is a lot of speculation and misinformation out there…But no deal has been reached with any party.”

rumours have been rampant for the last few months that Couric has her eye on a daytime talk show, possibly in partnership with Jeff Zucker and/or Matt Lauer.  

The General Hospital tidbit makes sense, too (as we noted some weeks ago) — ABC recently canceled both One Life To Live and All My Children due to de clinging ratings.