Kathy Griffin Describes The First Time She Met Michele Bachmann (VIDEO)

Kathy Griffin

Conan O’Brien hosted Kathy Griffin on Monday night’s show, where she wasted no time tearing into Michele Bachmann.

Describing Bachmann as a “comedian’s dream” (“I don’t know if she’s great for the country, but she’s great for comedy”), Griffin explained that the two met in Washington D.C. while Griffin was planning a rally to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

And Griffin just couldn’t resist.

After denying her request to participate in the rally, Griffin asked:

“Congresswoman Bachmann, were you born a bigot, or did you, like, grow into it?

Bachmann’s answer? “That’s a good question, I’m gonna have to get back to ya.”

Griffin also went on to discuss her Emmy nomination and a recent topless paparazzi shot.

Watch below.