Kate Upton's Racy Easter Video Features 8 Different Brands

Kate Upton

Last year, Kate Upton got everyone in the Easter mood after revealing a minute-long video titled “Kate Upton as Peter Cottontail.”

The video, which features theĀ Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl prancing around like a naughty bunny, was part of a collaboration with LOVE magazine.

The video features eight upscale lingerie and designer brands, but we’re guessing there’s only two things viewers will notice after watching.

1. Vintage Top By Jill Stuart

2. Bra And Underwear By Kiki de Montparnasse

3. Bracelet By Prada

4. Handbag By Louis Vuitton

5. Shoes By Christian Louboutin

6. Stockings By American Apparel

7. Headband By Maison Michel

8. Ziggy the Rabbit in Agent Provocateur

Now how many of these brands do you notice while watching the full video?

Kate Upton without her bikini is like ...

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