Kate Upton Did A Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Shoot In A Zero Gravity Chamber

Kate Upton’s fame really took off after she landed the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue in 2012. But it didn’t stop there. Upton was so popular that she landed the cover in 2013 too.

This year, Upton isn’t the covergirl but she did get to do the coolest shoot in the magazine, in zero gravity. Yes, that’s right, a bikini photoshoot in a zero gravity chamber.

Inside the chamber, Upton got her hair and makeup touched up. You could tell she was a little nervous for the crazy shoot that was about to happen:

Before the zero gravity chamber was turned on, everyone had to lay down, Upton is toward the back in a gold bathing suit:

Here we go!

At first it was a little tricky:

Especially since the photographers can’t control themselves either:

But of course, Kate got the hang of it:

Here’s video from the shoot:

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