Kate Upton Appears For Only 5 Seconds In Mercedes' Super Bowl Ad

kate upton mercedesUpton for Mercedes

Photo: Mercedes / YouTube

Mercedes has released an extended, 1 minute, 50-second version of its Super Bowl ad, starring Kate Upton. The brand stuck to its promise of not portraying Upton in a bikini or otherwise baring lot of flesh: She’s seen wearing a white dress at a red carpet event.But she’s only on-screen for a few brief moments, about 5 seconds in all.

Of course, Mercedes did have “her washing” a Merc CLA in shorts for a teaser ad.

The real star of the ad is actor Willem Defoe, who plays Satan attempting to persuade a man in a bar to sell his soul for the car. We won’t spoil the ending. The music for the ad is The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil.”

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