Kate Spade's Co-Founder Made Warby Parker's New, Stylised Ad [THE BRIEF]

Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:

Partners & Spade, Kate Spade co-founder Andy Spade’s ad agency, made a stylistic ad for Warby Parker called “The Literary Life Well Lived.” Its the company’s second-ever television commercial. The company describes it as “a whirl through pre-war apartments, boxing matches, private clubs, black tie parties, and rooftop antics.”

There’s a problem with Adap.tv’s inventory, Adweek reports.

Group M altered its global ad spend predictions. While it said that ad spending in measured media for 2013 would grow 4.5% in December, predictions changed to it only growing 3.4% (to $US507 billion).

Ogilvy & Mather launched a behavioural science school.

Twitter is testing a feature called Trending TV.

Here’s how NPR is doing customisable banner ads.

Publicis bought Engauge, a digital shop.

Advertisers are going to start running to “Breaking Bad” so that it can be spotted in the show’s commercial breaks.

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