A New Kate Spade Bag Appears To Show Love For An African Warlord

Kate Spade’s design team probably should have taken another look at this one.

A new tote bag in the brand’s “Call to Action” line says “I♥ K♠NY,” which, unfortunately for Kate Spade, looks just like “I love Kony.”

Joseph Kony, an African warlord who has kidnapped children and forced them to become soldiers for decades, was the face of a 30-minute YouTube video that went viral back in March 2012.

The video, created by Invisible Children filmmaker Jason Russell, sought to raise awareness of Kony’s crimes in the hopes that he would be found and brought to justice.

Kate Spade’s new bag raises Kony awareness in an altogether different, and obviously accidental, way.

The bag retails for $US228 and is part of a line of totes that say things like “Tequila Is Not My Friend #baconeggandcheeseplease” and “I Don’t Care What Is Written About Me So Long As It Isn’t True.”

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