Kate Spade's fashion brand's final major ad campaign before her death was called 'Where Is Kate?' and featured a detective played by her husband searching for the fleeing designer

Frances ValentineFrances Valentine’s ‘Where Is Kate?’ campaign.
  • Kate Spade’s fashion brand Frances Valentine ran a marketing campaign called “Where Is Kate?” earlier this year.
  • In the ad – which was written by and stars Spade’s husband and business partner, Andy Spade – a detective tracks the designer (who is played by an actress) as she attempts to flee.
  • The “Where Is Kate?” campaign was the last Frances Valentine campaign before Kate Spade’s death on Tuesday.

The final ad campaign for Frances Valentine to run before its cofounder Kate Spade’s death on Tuesday carries an extremely eerie message when watched now.

In February, Frances Valentine, a handbag-and-shoe brand founded in 2015 by Spade and her husband, Andy, launched an ad campaign called “Where Is Kate?”

Andy Spade wrote, starred in, and served as the executive producer for the ad.

In the ad, an actress dressed as Kate, down to her signature hairstyle and iconic fashion, flees from a detective played by Andy. Set to jaunty music, the ad shows the detective tracking the designer as she runs from a home to a pool and then to the beach.

Kate spade frances valentineFrances ValentineAn actress plays Kate Spade in the ad campaign.

The final shot shows the detective chasing down a Frances Valentine bag as it blows away on the beach. As the sun sets, he dives toward the bag – but both the purse and Spade prove elusive.

The campaign was apparently intended to highlight the fact that Kate Spade was the designer behind Frances Valentine.

Spade sold her better-known namesake brand, Kate Spade New York, to Neiman Marcus in 2006. She also changed her name to Kate Valentine.

Frances Valentine has deleted the “Where Is Kate?” campaign from its website and blog, but videos and marketing materials are still up on social media. The brand did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.



“We are deeply saddened by the loss of our dear friend and founder, Kate Valentine Spade, who will remain in our hearts forever,” Frances Valentine’s account tweeted on Wednesday.

Andy Spade released a statement to The New York Times on Wednesday that said the couple had been living apart for 10 months, and that Kate Spade had been seeking treatment for depression and anxiety for five years.

Watch the ‘Where Is Kate?’ campaign:

Remembering Kate Spade:

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