All Of The Perks Inside Kate Middleton's $15,000 Luxury Birthing Suite

Kate MiddletonWhile in The Lindo Wing, Kate Middleton will have extravagant three course meals and extra medical attention.

Kate Middleton’s reported due date is July 13 and if the royal baby arrives on schedule, Middleton will be checking into her luxury birthing suite any moment now.

In the Lindo Wing of St.Mary’s hospital where paparazzi are already awaiting Middleton checking in, patients are greeted with champagne, luxury toiletries and a reclining chair for fathers.

Georgie McGrath, a woman who has given birth to two babies in The Lindo Wing, told E! News that once inside the hospital, it’s “like a five star hotel.”

“You have an extremely nice room,” McGrath continued, adding that the best part is the food.

“The food is delivered to you,” explains McGrath. “You have a wine menu, there’s champagne, Diet Coke, coffee, tea—you name it. You could go in and say, ‘Could I possibly have a Lobster Thermidor?’ or whatever and it will arrive.”

And Middleton can reportedly expect a three-course feast at every meal.

“Kate can start with options like cream of tomato soup before moving on to an entrée of lamb chops or Mediterranean grilled chicken with a choice of side dishes,” according to the hospital menu. “Desserts, meanwhile, include cheesecakes, fresh fruit platters or a selection of cheese.”

In addition to the room service, McGrath also explains that a team of doctors and nurses are at patients’ beck and call.

“When you arrive here, you have the midwife, you have the nurses, the nursery nurses, you have your consultants,” she says. “So you really don’t have to know much because everything is done for you, literally, you don’t have to lift a finger and they’re there at your every whim and they’ll do it for you.”

A unique extra perk for new parents is the option to have a solo date night after the baby is born. 

“Once you’ve had your baby, you can have a special evening when the baby will go into the nursery, the nursery’s nurses will look after it, and you have a special menu for you and your husband, with champagne, nice food,” reveals McGrath.

But all of the extra perks add up.

The New York Post reports the cost of a suite at the Lindo Wing in central London is “£6,265 ($9,450) for a one-night stay with no complications and £2,200 ($3,318) for each extra night.”

“Based on a trouble-free three-night stay, Kate’s bill will top £10,000 ($15,085),” writes PageSix, adding that “it is possible she and Wills have booked more than one suite.”

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