Here Are The Free Baby Gifts Kate Middleton’s Already Receiving

kate middleton
Companies have been sending Kate Middleton thousands of dollars in free baby gifts.

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News of the Kate Middleton’s pregnancy hasn’t been out for a week; however, that hasn’t stopped people companies from showering her with free baby gifts.According to TMZ, the Duchess of Cambridge has received at least four gift baskets from the U.S. alone with one totaling $2,300.

What’s in the royal baby swag bags?

High-end retailer Bel Bambini sent a $2,300 gift basket complete with …

a Fendi layette set which cost $265:

Fendi set kate middleton

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… a $978 Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller …

bugaboo cameleon 3 stroller

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… and $275 Dior baby booties:

dior booties

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She also received $1,000 in items from Flicka – a baby store in Los Angeles where Melissa Joan Hart has been known to shop.

melissa joan hart flicka kate middleton

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