Royal Kate Middleton last-minute Christmas shopped at a discount store, and it could be related to the Queen’s 2 rules of gift-giving

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Chris Jackson/Getty Images
  • Kate Middleton was spotted shopping in a British discount store on Saturday, just two days before Christmas Eve.
  • Kate bought “pictures, children’s books, and artist materials,” a shopper at “The Range” outlet in Kings Lynn, told The Sun.
  • The shopper said: “She was so nice, explaining she was just doing a bit of Christmas shopping.”
  • The Queen reportedly has strict rules for Christmas presents.
  • Like they have to be jokey, and the cheaper they are the better they are.
  • As they do every year, the royals are spending Christmas at the Queen’s residence in Sandringham, eastern England.

Kate Middleton went shopping in a discount store on Saturday just two days before Christmas Eve, and it may be something to do with the Queen’s two rules on royal gift-giving.

The Duchess of Cambridge was photographed at “The Range” – a discount store which sells anything and everything at cut prices – near the Queen’s country house in Sandringham, where the royals spend Christmas every year.

The Duchess was photographed by a fellow shopper, apparently with Prince George and Princess Charlotte in tow, buying “pictures, children’s books, and artist materials,” the shopper told The Sun.

Here are the photos of the Duchess at the checkout of the bargain store:

Over the years royal reporters and Buckingham Palace insiders have said the Queen has strict rules for gift giving between family members at Christmas.

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Sandringham house norfolk england
Sandringham, England, where the Queen hosts Christmas every year. Capture Light/Shutterstock

They are, that the Queen’s husband Prince Philip is the one who decides when the presents are opened.

The second is that the gifts must be a joke.

And the third is that the cheaper the gifts are, the better they are.

Kate took these rules in her stride in 2011, when she made a batch of her Grandmother’s chutney to give to the Queen at her first Christmas at Sandringham after marrying Prince William,she said in a documentary made in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Here’s the outlet of “The Range” that the Duchess went to.

The range
The outlet of ‘The Range’ Kate went to in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK. Google Maps

The unnamed woman who saw Kate on Saturday told the Sun: “Their protection officers were keeping a discreet distance so they looked like any other family out grabbing last-minute Christmas bargains.”

“When Kate got to the checkouts I plucked up courage to ask if she’d do a selfie with me and my kids. She very politely declined. She was so nice, explaining she was just doing a bit of Christmas shopping.”