How Kate Middleton Got Her Job

kate middleton

In a few days, Kate Middleton will get the job that little girls all over the world wish for: princess. To me, the idea of permanent public scrutiny and having Queen Elizabeth II as a grandmother-in-law seem like less than a fairy tale. But I thought it would be fun to discuss how “the commonest future queen in history” got her new gig. Feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments section.

She Networked With Potential Employers

Middleton met her prince in 2001 at St. Andrew’s University, while studying art history. William said in an interview: “We just spent more time together, we had a good giggle and realised we shared some interests.” Like Kate, we all meet potential employers in our respective networking circles, through college, friends and family, and increasingly, social media.

She Dressed For The Role She Wanted

For most careers, this means suits or business casual attire. For Kate, it entailed developing her own regal style, praised by fashion critics worldwide. Her tailored coats, glossy hair, and low-heeled leather boots show that she is stylish as well as sensible — as opposed to Prince Harry’s on-and-off again pick, Chelsea Davy, whose look has been skewered as cheap and inappropriate at times.

When Exploring Other Opportunities, Kate Used Discretion

At several points in their courtship, William and Kate took time off. While it’s likely Kate dated other men, she largely stayed out of the public spotlight — a good lesson for any of us looking around for other opportunities when the one we’ve got isn’t quite working out.

She Learned From Her Predecessors

While she was unkindly dubbed “Waity Katie” in the British press, I’d bet that Kate was happy to wait and have some time to grow up in private — something Princess Diana never had the chance to do. Now, Diana is acting as a career mentor in another way: It’s been reported that the princess-to-be is watching videos of the late Princess of Wales as part of her media training.

This post originally appeared at CBSMoneyWatch.