Kate McKinnon broke character on 'Saturday Night Live' as the fictional 'Dr. Wenowdis' and faced the audience for a candid moment

NBCKate McKinnon and Colin Jost on the latest episode of ‘Saturday Night Live.’
  • NBC’s latest episode of “Saturday Night Live” included a “Weekend Update” segment about President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • In the segment, Kate McKinnon appeared as a fictional “Dr. Wayne Wenowdis” to provide a second opinion on Trump’s diagnosis.
  • As part of her character, McKinnon repeated the phrase “we know this” several times while in conversation with the host Colin Jost about Trump’s condition.
  • McKinnon and Jost eventually burst into laughter. Jost asked: “Kate, are you OK?” She responded: “Obviously, I’m not.”
  • “It’s such a crazy time and this is something I started doing to cope,” the actress said, turning to the studio audience and Jost. “I have a lot of wigs and mustaches at my disposal, and it’s refreshing to play a character who ‘know this.'”
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