Kate McKinnon cried during heartfelt speech for her first Emmy

It’s been a big year for Kate McKinnon.

The comedian broke out in a huge way for her supporting role in this summer’s “Ghostbusters,” stealing nearly every scene in the film. 

On Sunday, McKinnon won an Emmy for best supporting actress in a comedy for her work on “Saturday Night Live.” On the show, she’s known for a wide array of goofy characters and spot-on impressions, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

This makes her a rare star to win an acting award for “Saturday Night Live.” In addition, she’s the first woman to win for the show since Gilda Radner.

Upon giving her victory speech, McKinnon shed a few tears. 

And yes, it was real.

“This is really crazy, you guys,” McKinnon started as she went on stage shaking. “I’m really crying. I’m not making it up. Thank you to Lorne Michaels for giving me the job of my life. Thank you to my amazing collegues, the cast and writers.”

She went on to thank her mother and even Hillary Clinton, both who you could say played a big part in her win.

“On a personal note, thank you to my beautiful and hilarious mother and sister and my father, who’s not with us anymore,” she added. “He made me start watching SNL when I was 12. Thank you and I miss you pap.”

It was an incredibly genuine moment as well as a huge victory, and she knew it:

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