Kashya Hildebrand: I Could Have Gotten Away With My Currency Trading

Kashya Hildebrand

Kashya Hildebrand just hit back at her and her husband’s critics. 

In an interview at an art show in Singapore, she admits to an error in judgment.

She also explains her business’ use of dollars, describes her family as multi-cultural and ethnically diverse and blames Philipp’s good looks for all the coverage he’s been getting.

But then things get a bit strange.

Kashya goes into what I’ll call “the full OJ” and tells us how if she had done it, she really would have pulled off some serious insider currency trading:

1) Don’t contact compliance

2) Have a numbered accounts (got to love Swiss banking)

3) Don’t do it too close to the targeted event 

4) Do it in the targeted currency, not one likely to experience secondary effects (i.e. make the trade in Euros, not dollars)

5) Don’t have any underlying economic interest motivating the trades

6) Don’t be a hard working central banker with a stressful job who doesn’t have time to think about his private portfolio

She also points out that while her husband’s critics have money, she has God on her side.

(h/t Zerohedge)