Neel Kashkari Is Considering A Run For Office

Neel Kashkari

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Neel Kashkari, former TARP Czar and current managing director at PIMCO, is thinking about a run for office, says the WSJ.Kashkari, 39, would run as a Republican in California, which is not an easy task. It isn’t clear what office he would run for either. Governor Jerry Brown is up for election in 2014 and hasn’t announced if he’ll run for re-election yet or not. Senator Barbara Boxer’s term expires in 2016.

From WSJ:

“As I look at California, there are huge problems,” Mr. Kashkari said in an interview, pointing to the state’s long-term budget troubles, weak job market and problem-plagued public schools. “These challenges are huge but they’re of our own making—so they are within our capacity to solve,” he said…

“I’m not the typical California Republican. I’m the son of immigrants,” Mr. Kashkari said. “I come from modest upbringing. I have a successful track record. I’m an optimist. And I think something can be done if people work together.” He said he plans to seek advice from California Republicans and Democrats before making any decisions, but already has launched a campaign-style website.

Kashkari is at PIMCO, the world’s largest bond fund, building the company’s equity portfolio. He manages 6 mutual funds with about $10 billion under management all together.

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