Kashi May Have Unleashed The Worst Granola Bar Of All Time

kashi berry lemonade granola bar

Kellogg’s Kashi just released a new Berry Lemonade granola bar.

At first glance, the flavour choice makes sense. Lemon is a popular flavour for other baked goods like cookies, muffins, and pastries. 

But Kashi’s Berry Lemonade chewy granola bar severely misses the mark.

Upon first bite, the taste of artificial lemon is overwhelming. Some Business Insider employees who tried the bar likened it to air freshener or house cleaner.

The sour, powdery lemon flavour completely overshadows the dried cranberries that would have otherwise provided a pleasant contrast. 

Many of our employees who sampled the granola bar threw it away after one bite. 

We asked people in office to critique their experiences. Here are some answers: 

  • “The flavour was sickly sweet and strange for a granola bar — it tasted like powdered lemonade had been poured all over the bar.” —Deputy Editor Julie Zeveloff 
  • “There are things I want to be tangy. Granola bars are really not one of them.” —Reporter Max Nisen 
  • “It wasn’t terrible, but also not something I would take if there were other flavours available. I felt like I was chewing on a Glade air freshener. But the taste itself wasn’t so terrible.” —Reporter Alex Davies
  • “It was disgusting, worse than I could have imagined. I managed to swallow my first bite, but threw out the rest. Who wants a sweet fake lemon sourness in a granola bar?”—Deputy Editor Gus Lubin 
  • “I was excited by the new flavour. I expected it to have a punch of sour while maintaining the nuttiness of traditional granola bars. Instead, it tasted like artificial Kool-aid. The lemonade flavour overwhelmed the granola flavour. I spit out my bite and threw the rest of the bar away.”  —Associate Editor Dina Spector 
  • “I didn’t enjoy it, though it’s true to the flavour on the packaging. I’d say that Kashi should leave lemonade in its liquid form.” —Intern Alex Mondalek 
  • “I thought it tasted like a pink Starburst with a satisfying crunchy bonus.” —Senior Editor Steve Kovach
  • “I only had a small piece of it and wouldn’t want to eat an entire bar. It tasted fake, like artificial flavour.” —Senior Editor Leah Goldman
Kashi’s Berry Lemonade granola bar is available at grocery stores nationwide. 

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