The Only 4G Hotspot You Should Consider Using

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Karma is a company offering a novel take on what a mobile hotspot should be.Karma’s device costs $79 and offers a reasonably-priced pay-as-you-go 4G data connection with no subscription or contract.

Click here to go hands-on with Karma >

Furthermore, your hotspot remains open for other people to connect to if they want. Every time a new individual shares your connection, you get 100 MB of free data and they get 100 MB of their own data.

At no point will a stranger’s data usage affect your own. You’re simply sharing a connection, not the data allowance. Additionally their connection will be throttled to ensure that you, as owner of the hotspot, don’t even see a loss of bandwidth.

To prevent people from gaming this system, people are required to log in with their Facebook accounts before being able to use a Karma hotspot.

You can top off your data at a flat rate of $14 per GB.

We’ve been using it lately and have been really pleased at how painless it was to set up and how speedy and reliable the connection is.

If you’re intrigued, then check out Karma’s coverage map here.

Until then…

Here's the device itself – it's extremely lightweight and fits right in your hand.

There's a USB port on the back for charging.

And the lights across the front let you know that it's on and working.

Once it's turned on, find it in your list of available networks.

You'll get a confirmation email like this one.

You're required to log in with your Facebook account at this point.

So log in...

...and give the app permission to access your account. It won't post on your behalf, it's merely a means to make sure people don't game the free data.

Your hotspot is now renamed and you're set to start using it.

Reconnect to the newly-renamed hotspot.

And you're up and running with a 4G connection fast enough to make short work of even YouTube videos.

If you want to check your data usage, just head to and log in.

It provides you with a breakdown of how you use your 4G connection.

And if you share your connection, you get an extra 100 MB for free.

At some point you'll probably want to buy additional data. Here's the price breakdown.

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