Karl Rove Memo: Why The GOP Shouldn’t Freak Out About Crappy Poll Numbers

Already people are proclaiming the GOP field to be too weak to take on Obama, while noting the lack of enthusiasm for any particular candidate.

But it just doesn’t matter.

A memo on polling from Karl Rove points out how normal this is for this stage in the election cycle.

This chart comparing the trajectory of John Kerry and Barack Obama during their Presidential campaigns is remarkable:

barack obama poll

[credit provider=”Karl Rove”]

Rove writes:

Much like the Democrats in 2008, most voters have little awareness of the 2012 Republican presidential contenders. The recent CBS News/Times poll found that only Sarah Palin (81% with an opinion) is well known by Americans. Mike Huckabee (65%), Newt Gingrich (60%), and Mitt Rmoney (52%) are all in the same range as Obama was in spring 2007, while Rick Santorum (22%), TIm Pawlenty (20%), Mitch Daniels 11%), and John Huntsman (11%) are all essentially unknown. Republican candidates looking to take on President Obama in November 2012 still have plenty of time to introduce themselves to voters and inspire “enthusiasm,” despite the media’s enthusiasm for depicting the GOP as be in in deep trouble.