Karl Marx Predicted Libertarian/Ron Paul Foolishness

Karl Marx predicted that the rich would hold the poor accountable for the mistakes of the rich! Well, Ron Paul in his austere budget plan is proving that correct. Cutting food stamps by 66 per cent will indeed hold the poor accountable for gambling on Wall Street.

While Dr Paul is correct in discerning many of the problems with banks and easy money, his plan will force money to be invested back into real estate speculation. That 66 per cent cut in food stamps will go to inflating house prices artificially. That seems hypocritical from someone who has criticised speculation before!

If you doubt what I say read about the Ryan plan which even budgets the expected real estate bubble that would cause a massive easy money scam all over again.

Here is the deal Ron Paul. There is too much money at the top. The 1 per cent have too much money. The easy way to invest that money is in real estate. It even happened in China, where if you accumulate money in small business you speculate in real estate.

I have decided that Ron Paul comes across as a nice guy, but down deep, he must be the libertarian, the cruel and mean guy that his false religion requires. Cut the crap out of school lunches and let the little buggers starve. That is Ron Paul in a nutshell. Or should I say, in a nut case!

Massive cuts will lower government revenue even more.They will explode deficits. They will do everything opposite to what they seek to do. 

Here is the bottom line Dr Paul: The money at the top will not spur the economy. The money at the top will not help small business. The money at the top will start another ponzi lending scheme. You don’t want Glass-Steagall (as you said in 2010) even though you voted not to repeal it. You don’t want the speculation stopped. Karl Marx predicted you. You will help destroy capitalism and prove Marx right.

After there was a backlash about your attack on others paying an old guy’s social security, you now have decided just to rape the poor. How noble of you Dr. Paul. Can’t you find it in your heart to tax the big boys, and stop them from gambling with the resources of the world?

We need FDR and Dwight Eisenhower, not a little libertarian rat like you Dr Paul. Like I have said before, I have had respect for your analysis of financial matters. But your solutions are draconian and cruel. You are Humbug.

You are a fraud, Dr Paul. You hide the fact that your cronies like the late Murray Rothbard are racist. And you hide the fact that even your own son said he was against the Civil Rights Act. You should have outed him! Is that what this attack on minorities is all about Dr Paul? More of them are on food stamps so is this your way of exerting your racism?

This is the bottom line for all you Ron Paul lovers. Just remember that his goal is to distribute more wealth to the wealthy. That is what Republicans do. Democrats went along with it until lately when they have seen the damage that this redistribution is doing to our nation and to the middle class. If you Ron Paul lovers are not wealthy you are stupid. You are beyond stupid for supporting this destruction of America. The pendulum has swung too much towards the rich and must come back to equilibrium.

You come across as an angel of light, Dr Paul. But deep down you are the devil in disguise, the grandpa from hell. As I wrote here about the real Dr Paul:

Ron Paul is a demagogue on this issue. Actually he is an upside down demagogue, who uses the passions, prejudices, and promises of the elite rather than of the common man to gain political power.

The only reason that Marx had been proven wrong was because there were economic safeguards to main street. These social programs did not villify capitalism, but indeed, they prolonged capitalism and made main street part of the success of the system. Evidently Ron Paul does not believe in that success. The only real supply side economics were social programs lifting society.

But the only supply side Ron Paul knows about is the kind that does not trickle down at all, and balances budgets on the backs of the disadvantaged. You are moral decay, Dr Paul. You are selfish and compassionless. And you are making Karl Marx look like a genius.

After this article was published there were two comments made by T Smith and myself that explain my position with clarity. T Smith says:

Let me give you a little lesson on how it works. Laws are written by the banks. Their agents run up and head the NASD and all other regulatory agencies, including the U.S. Treasury. You have heard of Paulson? Geithner? They work for the banks. Any new draconian laws levied against them, no matter how attractive they look on the surface, will only serve to strengthen their monopoly ans squeeze out their competitors. This is how it works. They are laughing at you all the way to the bank (no pun intended).

I responded:

I understand what you are saying. So based upon that analysis I believe Dr Paul will get deregulation but he won’t get laws in place that let banks fail. Now you see? He will help the bankers more than they are being helped with Dodd-Frank and the Volcker Rule which slow the banks down.

Libertarians should give this exchange some serious thought. They will not get what they want.

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