Hedge Fund Manager's Ex-Wife Collects $1 Million Reward For Turning Him In For Insider Trading

art samberg pequot capitalArt Samberg and Pequot Capital men

Karen Zilkha, the woman who turned in the key evidence that destroyed the huge hedge fund, Pequot Capital, just made $1 million for handing the SEC a hard drive that contained evidence of her ex-husband’s emails containing insider information from his previous employer that he sent to his boss, according to CNBC.David Zilkha started working for Art Samberg at Pequot right after he had spent years working at Microsoft.

A bunch of really stupid emails went back and forth between the two hedge fund managers including details about Microsoft’s earnings, all of which were stored on David Zilkha’s hard drive.

Years after the case was closed and an investigation into Pequot ended, Karen Zilkha came forth with the hard drive and handed it to the SEC. Thanks to her new information, the SEC re-opened the case and got Art Samberg to settle for $28 million

Samberg’s $28 million, Goldman’s $550 million – the SEC is really pulling it in these days.

So now that they have a couple of extra bucks to spare, the SEC is giving Karen Zilkha $1 million, the largest-ever SEC reward for whistle-blowing.

They’re probably hoping that a other disgruntled ex-wives hear about the reward and come forth with new evidence of their own.

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