The Kardashian and Jenner apps are already on pace to make an insane $32 million per year

Two days after announcing their apps at the Apple store in Soho, the Kardashians and Jenners are still crushing the download charts — and beginning to rake in cash.

The new apps allow fans even greater access to the world of the Kardashians and Jenners beyond their existing presence on seemingly every social media network around, and it charges users a mere $US2.99 a month. Of course, as BuzzFeed’s Katie Notopoulos pointed out, that’s an insane $US142.53 per year if you sign up for all four apps.

But that doesn’t seem to be deterring people. Alaxic Smith, CEO of, got ahold of subscriber numbers, according to TMZ. A total of 891,340 people reportedly signed up for the four sites within the first 24 hours. If those numbers are indeed correct, that would mean that the entire family of apps is on pace to rake in $US32 million per year.

And most of it is coming from Kylie. Here’s how the sisters each made out: 74% Kylie, 11% Khloé, 9% Kim, and 6% Kendall, according to TMZ.

At least in the app world, 18-year-old Kylie Jenner is the undisputed queen of the family.

According to the app analytics company App Annie, Kylie Jenner’s new app is number one on the charts, beating out Facebook’s Messenger app, Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat.

Khloé Kardashian’s app is currently at the No. 12 spot as of Wednesday morning — not as high as Kylie, but that’s still ahead of Spotify, Pinterest, and Google Maps.

More importantly, both are beating Kim, whose app is currently sitting at 11 (though she already has her own powerhouse of an app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a game which raked in $US1.6 million in its first five days on the market, and has since been downloaded 22.8 million times, generating $US43 million in revenue from its June launch through the end of September.)

Kendall is bringing up the rear (Kourtney’s app hasn’t been released yet), at the 17 spot, which is still better than Uber and Twitter.

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