Miss America judge Karamo Brown disagreed with the finalists after they said the winner should be single and without children

Karamo Brown was a judge at the Miss America 2020 pageant on Thursday. Charles Krupa/AP/Amy Sussman/Getty Images
  • “Queer Eye” star Karamo Brown helped judge the Miss America 2020 pageant, which took place at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, on Thursday.
  • During the pageant, judge Lauren Ash asked the two finalists, Miss Georgia and Miss Virginia, if they believe Miss America should remain unmarried and without children.
  • Both Victoria Hill, Miss Georgia, and Camille Schrier, Miss Virginia, said they believed the Miss America winner should be single and without children in order to focus on the job.
  • Brown made it known that he disagreed with both of the contestants’ responses to the winner having children right before Schrier was crowned Miss America 2020.
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Since the start of the Miss America pageant in 1921, all of the winners of the competition have been single and without children.

On Thursday, Camille Schrier from Virginia and Victoria Hill from Georgia took the stage at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, for one last chance to prove they deserved the Miss America 2020 crown. During the final conversation, Lauren Ash, one of the judges and an actress on “Superstore,” asked the two finalists their thoughts on withstanding tradition.

“Camille, Miss America has never been able to be married or had children. Tell us why they should, or should not be, in this competition,” Ash asked Schrier.

Camille Schrier miss virgnia 2020
Camille Schrier represented Virginia in the competition and was named Miss America 2020. Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

“Well, quite honestly, when I go to schools I teach kids all the time about the difference between Miss and Mrs and that’s a fun opportunity for me to explain why I am an unmarried woman, and I think really that pays homage to the tradition of being a Miss America and I think it’s something that should be kept,” Schrier responded.

When Hill was given the chance to respond, she said: “I think it’s also really important that Miss America be a single woman, not dating anybody or in a relationship so that she can be fully dedicated to her job.”

Victoria Hill miss georgia 2020
Victoria Hill represented Georgia and was the first runner-up at the Miss America 2020 competition. Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

After coming back from a commercial break, judge Karamo Brown, star of Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” made it very clear that he disagreed with the contestants’ idea that a woman with children should not be the winner of Miss America.

“Ladies, you both did a phenomenal job tonight. You were so authentic and vulnerable and open. I disagree, I believe women with kids could be Miss America, but you know, I just gotta say that no matter which one of you gets the crown, I already know that you will represent.”

People on Twitter seemed to have similar reactions to Schrier and Hill’s responses.

During a press conference directly following the crowning of Camille Schrier, Miss Virginia, as Miss America 2020, Brown addressed his reaction to the contestants’ answers.

“I felt it was important that there be a counter-voice in case there is a mother out there who is watching this because we never know the circumstances of how anyone becomes a parent,” Brown said.

“If there’s one young parent who is in college and trying to get her degree, or just working and wants to be in the Miss America pageant, I felt like it was important for her to know that she can do it and that there are no limitations,” he continued. “Maybe this might not be the year or this might not be the competition, but there could be another one, so don’t stop and never give up.”

Kelly Rowland, the third judge and former member of Destiny’s Child, agreed with Brown, saying: “I was so happy that Karamo said that. I was like ‘I second that.'”

Representatives for the Miss America Organisation did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.