Kanye West’s Yeezy label has mocked Walmart in a legal battle over the similarity of their logos

Kanye West wears sunglasses and a gold necklace at an event.
Kanye West’s clothing brand Yeezy has filed to dismiss a trademark dispute by Walmart. Rich Fury/VF20/Getty Images for Vanity Fair
  • Kanye West’s brand Yeezy has filed to dismiss a trademark dispute by Walmart, legal documents show.
  • Walmart complained in April that Yeezy’s sun-like logo was too similar to its own.
  • Yeezy sued Walmart on June 24 claiming that it had sold similar versions of its Foam Runner shoes.
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Kanye West’s fashion label Yeezy has claimed that associating with Walmart is the “last thing” it wants to do in an escalating trademark battle over their respective logos.

In April, Walmart filed a complaint about Yeezy’s logo with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), saying it was too similar to its own sun-like emblem and would confuse customers.

Yeezy on Tuesday dismissed Walmart’s objection as “absurd”, according to a document filed with the USPTO.

In the document, Yeezy claims that Walmart “certainly knows, as does the consuming public” that it would not want to create an association with the company.

It isn’t the only legal fight between Walmart and Yeezy. West’s brand filed a lawsuit against Walmart on June 24, claiming that the company has sold fake versions of its Foam Runner shoe, according to legal documents viewed by TMZ.

The shoes drew ridicule on social media after their 2019 launch. But Yeezy claims in the lawsuit that they sold out instantly at $75 a pair upon debut in June 2020, and that it could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in sales while Walmart offers similar shoes for less than $25, per TMZ.

Walmart removed the look-a-like sneakers from its site on June 25 but many knock-off versions are still being sold online, TMZ reported.

West’s Yeezy brand pushed him to a reported net worth of $6.6 billion in March, according a USB report viewed by Bloomberg. The bank estimated that Yeezy’s separate collaborations with Adidas and Gap Inc. were worth a collective $3.2 to $4.7 billion, per Bloomberg.

Walmart referred Insider to an April 19 letter its lawyers sent to Yeezy when contacted.

“Walmart has repeatedly sought to understand Yeezy’s planned use of the Yeezy Application, with the goal of finding ways in which the Walmart Spark Design and the Yeezy Application can co-exist with one another,” the letter said.

Yeezy did not immediately respond to Insider for comment.