Kanye West to Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'Give Jay his check for Tidal now'

Kanye West’s most recent album was a Tidal exclusive, which meant it was available for streaming on Tidal for over a month before it was available on Apple Music.

Now it sounds like Kanye wanted it to be on Apple Music the whole time.

In a series of tweets posted on Saturday, Kanye West asked Apple CEO Tim Cook for a meeting, saying, “Apple give Jay his check for Tidal now and stop tying to act like you Steve [Jobs],” and “this Tidal Apple beef is f******* up the music game.”

Apple has been rumoured to be interested in buying Tidal, especially for access to exclusive album releases like Kanye’s.

Here are his tweets:



Kayne is likely referring to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Tidal investor Jay-Z, Apple Music exec Jimmy Iovine, Apple Music exec Larry Jackson, Apple Music-aligned rapper Drake, and music mogul Scooter Braun. 


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