Kanye West just announced a new album for summer and insulted the Grammys in an epic tweetstorm

Kanye West released “The Life of Pablo” on February 14, but he just announced another new album for this summer.

West’s sudden news came in the middle of a tirade about the Grammys on Twitter, what seems to be his favourite platform for his thoughts these days.

The rapper first started talking about his plan to “fix” the Grammys and make them “culturally relevant again,” reaching out to Neil Portnow, the current president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which puts on the Grammy Awards each year. 

West said that he needs to “fix” the fact that he knows “so many cool artists whose hearts have been broken by the politics, including mine.” 

One of the problems with the Grammys is that the “Grammy awarding system is way off and completely out of touch,” West tweeted. 

He mentioned wanting to see Young Thug and Future at the Grammys, as well as Dexter Navy, who directed A$AP Rocky’s “L$D” music video and didn’t earn a nomination this year. 

In true West fashion, he did add that he “is the most important living artist talking” and claimed that without him at the show next year, “there will be no show.” 

West has received 57 Grammy nominations and won 21 times since 2005. 

He continued to say that he shares his thoughts on Twitter because “my voice is my power,” and added, “I’m not crazy, I’m free.”  


He also briefly talked about Yeezys, his shoes with Adidas, as providing him with “economic freedom,” and said that he plans on hooking everyone up with free Yeezys. Exactly what that plan is? We don’t quite know. 

He ended his tweetstorm by claiming that he is a “voice of freedom” and “represent[s] what people can’t say.” 

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