Kanye West has an ultra-exclusive gold Apple Watch that is impossible to buy

Kanye WestKevin Winter / GettyThe gold link bracelet Apple Watch: Way more exclusive than a Grammy (or three).

Kanye West is part of a very exclusive club.

Along with two other A-List celebrities, 9to5Mac reports, he is one of only three people in the world (that we know of) to own the ultra-exclusive gold link bracelet Apple Watch.

Anyone can buy a standard link bracelet Apple Watch — available in stainless steel for between $US949 and $US1,099 (£819-£949), it’s the most expensive of the standard models of Apple’s new smartwatch.

Similarly, the gold Apple Watch Edition is on general release — if you’ve got the cash — ranging from $US10,000 to $US17,000 (£8,000-£13,500).

But there’s no gold link bracelet available on Apple’s website. Promotional material makes no mention of it, and the option has never been publicly discussed by the Cupertino website.

Nonetheless, one has found its way onto Kanye West’s wrist, and was on prominent display when the rapper performed “All Day” during a recent basketball game.

Here’s a video of his performance:

You can get a slightly better look at it in this Instagram photo:


West isn’t the only one with the gold link bracelet Apple Watch Edition. It looks like Apple gives them out to certain extremely high-profile celebrities. Even stars like Pharrell and Katy Perry who were given Apple Watches ahead of its official release to help drum up hype don’t have the coveted gold device.

Award-winning singer Beyoncé has one, which we first saw in photos on her website.

And fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is the third person we know of so far who has got their hands on the exclusive Apple Watch. Here’s a close-up of Lagerfeld’s smartwatch:

However, there’s still one model of Apple Watch that even Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Karl Lagerfeld can’t get their hands on.

Take a look at this photo — do you notice anything strange about Apple CEO Tim Cook’s timepiece?

No? Look closer.

The Apple chief has a stainless Apple Watch with a white sport band. What’s unusual is the digital crown — it’s coloured red.

It’s impossible to buy a stainless steel Apple Watch with a red digital crown. Apple doesn’t sell it.The red crown is only available on the Apple Watch Edition that starts at £8,000 (or $US13,500).

It just goes to show that there are still some things that money can’t buy — even if you’re Kanye West.

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